For this assignment you will need to schedule an appointment to visit the library and interview the librarian(s) of a local religious organization. The purpose of the assignment is to help you gain greater understanding in how such libraries get started, their purpose, mission, successes, and challenges. You will gather the information listed below and use it to create a separate wiki page for this particular library. Be sure to ask permission to create this wiki page and to make it public information. Take pictures if possible to post on the wiki page. Once you have created the wiki page, create a link to it from the Religious Libraries Directory.

Gather the following information during your visit and interview:

  1. The name, location, and affiliation of the religious organization
  2. The days and hours of operation for the library
  3. The name(s) and contact information for the librarian(s)
  4. The year in which the library was founded
  5. Any special information about how the library got started, e.g., a designated financial gift, the book collection of a former pastor, etc.
  6. The number of book volumes broken down by adult, youth, children and by fiction or non-fiction
  7. The number of audio and video recordings
  8. Any special collections held by the library, e.g., history of the organization, sermon texts of former religious leaders, historic hymnals, sacred texts, etc.
  9. The square footage of the library
  10. The number of library card holders
  11. The URL of a web page, wiki, or blog dedicated for library use
  12. The annual budget and breakdown by category including both income and expenses
  13. Description of the record keeping system - analog or digital?
  14. Description of the classification system - Dewey, Subject headings, etc.?
  15. Program offerings - book discussions, children's story hour, outreach for shut-ins, etc.
  16. Publicity and marketing efforts
  17. Other services - Computer and Internet access, information technology literacy training, etc.