Welcome to the Libraries and Religious Organizations Workshop!

This workshop is taught by Dr. Daniel Roland

Assistant Professor at the School of Library and Information Science
Primary Researcher at the Center for the Study of Information and Religion
Kent State University

This workshop is intended for any of the following:

  • Individuals or groups involved in a local church, mosque, synagogue or other type of religious organization who want to start a library within their organization
  • Leaders of religious organizations considering the costs, benefits, logistics, etc., of creating a library for their local religious organization
  • Current, potential, or graduated students of library science interested in designing, creating, implementing, and/or consulting with libraries for religious organizations

The goals for this workshop are for the participants to:

  • Learn about the unique information needs of religious organizations of various faith traditions
  • Learn about the various information user groups within religious organizations
  • Learn about various information resources and services available to meet the information needs of religious organizations
  • Learn how to conduct an information audit of a local religious organization
  • Design, propose, and implement an information resource for said local religious organization